Pick 6 // 02

01  I’ve been pining over the butterfly collection by James Banks for awhile now.  Everything about it is a work of art, with no detail left untouched.  Get this albatross necklace here and check out his website here  – it’s such a great site, even his logo is rad!  //  02  This light from RH Baby & Child is sitting in my virtual cart just waiting for me to pull the trigger so it can come home to the big boys room.  Available in multiple sizes and finishes.  Get it here.  //  03  Since I’ve starting KonMari-ing my house I’ve decided it’s time to elevate my sleep wardrobe.  My current options do not spark joy.  I plan to start with a few sets of washable silk pajamas from Lunya.  Get them here.  //  04  Sometimes a girl just has to break the rules a bit, which I did when I decided to ignore the shopping ban to buy these earrings.  And so glad I did, they are perfect for dressing up a white button down, or paired with a lace top/dress for a truly show stopping look.  Get them here.  Ps – they’re on sale, so you’re welcome.  //  05  I take my mascara purchases very seriously, and am always on the hunt for the perfect mascara.  I stumbled across the beauty brand Eyeko on my latest quest and have since become obsessed!  The London based designer duo only focuses on eye products, and they’ve nabbed Alexa Chung as their ambassador.  Get the mascara here or here. //  06  Our towel storage situation in our bathroom is a bit awkward.  A few months ago I got new towels, (these and these), and did not want to keep them just shoved in the cabinet under David’s sink.  The solution: rolling the towels in this seagrass basket and parking it on the bathtub ledge right outside of the shower.  The bonus is that the textures of the basket and towels add to the design and mood of the space.  Get the basket here.

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