Pick 6 // 06

01  In an effort to make my home feel more like a spa and less like the land of chaos I have decided that we “NEED” this beautiful ceramic diffuser.  Get it here.  //  02   Trying to embrace the Matcha trend happening right now.  How pretty are this book and frother.  These are exactly what I need to kick my iced mocha habit.  Buy the set here  // 03  “Get a pretty step stool for the pantry” has been on my list for the past 2 years.  These teak stools from Serena & Lily will work.  Get them here. // 04  Love these Ulla Johnson birkenstock upgrades.  Get them here. //  05  So, the boys iphones and ipads are now out of their bedroom – but they still need to wake up in the morning.  The solution is visionary – an old school alarm clock.  They’re coming back in style, I promise!  Get this one here. //  06  If I had this beautiful meditation mat I would sit on my butt and meditate all day long.  I would be so zen!  Several luxurious colors to choose from.  Check them out here

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