Pick 6 // 09

01  I have been walking and stumbling all over my house trying to make sure I get my steps in.  If I don’t, I’m eliminated and out $40.  This has become such a fun motivator.  The best part – the boys are “coaching me” to make sure I stay in the game!   Learn more here.  //  02 Leather and white resin.  It’s so sleek organic. This Tina Frey tray has been on my wishlist for five years!  Get it here.  //  03  Cute little diamond paisley stud for a cute little pierce somewhere on my ear.  My virtual Maria Tash shopping cart is so loaded up right now.  Check out all her great earrings here. // 04 Beautiful wood grain credenza with brass accents.  It’s the perfect mix of masculine and feminine.  And so super cool modern! Get it here. // 05 I feel like January is hunker down and get to work time.  In cozy sweaters and comfy pants.  How about this sexy one from Spiritual Gangster.  Perfect addition for my work from home wardrobe.  Get it here. //  06  These bookends are like a piece of jewelry for your bookshelf.  How great would they look on top of my new Tina Frey tray, on my new Scout Design Credenza (just putting it out into the universe!).  Get them here, your black Tom Ford coffee table book will thank you!

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